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What is my crock worth??

value less
than $50

THE most asked question...I have a crock just like that, what is mine worth?? If your crock has a crown similar to either of the crocks on the right, the value is less then $50.00. Sorry.

Crocks to do not sell by weight. Bigger is not ALWAYS better, though some Redwing crocks come in VERY large sizes.

What makes a crock more valuable?

  • Decoration or artwork on the piece.

  • Maker's mark or attribution.

  • Quality of design.

  • Rareness of the decoration.

  • Quality of the blue.

  • Desirability of the item.

Still not sure about your piece. Email a photo to us and we will be happy to help you determine a fair market value.

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We also purchase items outright.

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